1. Doggie stuff

  2. Every two hours. Turn down service.

  3. Beds

  4. Every room has a bed, except big dogs have a mat sitting on linoleum floors.

  5. Accommodation

  6. 4 suites, 14 runs.

  7. Air Conditioning

  8. Purified, ionized air.


The B&B was built 15 years ago and is a family business. We are Marcy and Jim, the owners and one of us is always here to watch the dogs.

The day starts at 7AM with breakfast. After a morning exercise we scrub and sanitize the runs.

Dinner is at 5 PM, and the last exercise period is at 9PM.

Then a turndown service and dogs get their last treat.

You don’t have to worry about anything. We have taken care of some dogs for more than a month, and they are just as happy when you pick them up as when you dropped them off.

Click on the “Pooch” below to see the kennel.

Email: jpettus1@aol.com

Mail 3654 Humbert Road, Johns Island, SC 29455mailto:jpettus1@aol.comshapeimage_1_link_0

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